Modern contraception with the pill

You want to be successful in your job but still have effective contraception and enough time for yourself.
Of course, this also holds true for your contraception: you expect it to be

  • safe,
  • reliable,
  • uncomplicated to use,
  • without troublesome short or long term side effects.
  • It should also be flexible because perhaps you'd like to have children later.

The contraceptive pill is one of the safest contraceptive methods available. Millions of women trust the pill for their contraception. But a modern contraceptive pill can offer much more than just birth control. As the various products on the market can differ greatly, every woman has to find out whether she feels well with the pill prescribed. Important aspects here are safety and tolerability, effectiveness, as well as the availability of comprehensive information about positive and negative effects of birth control pills.

This website is intended to make a contribution to achieving your aim by informing you about safe contraception and well-being.